Corporate Employee Assessments

We offer exclusive AMS (Assessment Management System) for corporate companies to cherry pick the candidates with desired skill set. It is a critical process for companies and assessment has made it easy for them.

This also helps HR in identification of domain expertise and formulation of internal benchmarking tool to form a talent pool. Tests can be designed in different formats and made available on different devices for the candidates. It also provides analytics which generates analytical report of the candidate to HR and assessor to find the right prospect for the job.

Highlights of the Corporate Employees Assessments

Aptitude & Ability of the employee :

  • Aptitude Testing is helpful to make an informed Career Decision to identify the right potential of an employee

Domain Knowledge of the employee

  • With our online Assessments tool, the domain knowledge of the employee about the products and services can be measured. Based on the results, the appropriate training can be provided. Below two tests are generally performed to test the employee domain knowledge Pre Test: It helps to know the employee knowledge before recruitment Post Test: To know the knowledge acquired after training.

Personality / Behavioural of the employee

  • This personality test will help you know whether you are a person who is most likely to be hardworking, competitive and achievement or are you a person who may be coming up with a flood of new ideas, creative and explorative. Take the test and know yourself better.

Personality in relation to the work environment

  • This test would help you in identifying your personality in relation to the work environment. Your personality aspects that would help you in having a more fulfilling and enriching career and the aspects that may be a cause of concern in your work life. Take the test and know yourself better.

Interest & Style of Working

  • The test helps you identify your interest and styles on the basis of which the most suitable areas of employment could be suggested. Take the test and know yourself better.

Career Interest

  • The test gives you an understanding of your interest based on the kind of activities you usually indulge in or would like to indulge in. The test is suitable if you wish to find out your area of interest. Take the test and know yourself better.

Style of learning and Thinking

  • The test will help you to understand the nature of the mind and its functions in different styles of learning and thinking. Take the test and know yourself better.

Up skilling / Reskilling

  • The continuous employee assessments will help to know the employee level of skills, so that the HR can provide training for any Up skilling / Re skilling of the products / services.

Personality Tests

  • Online personality tests measure your intelligence or aptitude, inventory your skills, and assess your ability to succeed in a career. Some are as simple as selecting colors you like and don't like. With others, you'll need to answer a number of specific questions.

Talent Assessment Tests

  • Talent assessments are used to help an employer identify candidates who will be a good fit for jobs. Talent assessments help predict a new hire’s performance and retention. These tests assess your personality, work style, knowledge, and/or skills.

Pre-Employment Tests

  • Talent assessments are only one of many different kinds of pre-employment tests that employers might give job candidates. Employers often use tests as part of a larger selection procedure to screen applicants for hire. Other types of tests employers might give candidates include personality tests, cognitive tests, emotional intelligence tests, physical exams, drug tests, credit checks, and background checks.

Career Aptitude Tests

  • Can be used to identifying student or job seeker career.