Unique Features

Offline and Online Assessments

Assessments can be conduct in both online as well as offline through mobile apps and desktop.

Student Proctoring

Proctoring of exams can be effectively done by capturing screens, videos, photos and digital signatures.

Assessor Management

Assessor can be tracked on the day of assessment using sdmsExpress mobile app.

Centre Audit

A complete checklist of centre can be audit by capturing various images and videos through mobile app.

Viva and Practical Exam

SdmsExpress supports to conduct Viva voice and practical exam by capturing viva and practical videos.


SdmsExpress supports regional language based content also.

Geo Tagging

Attendance can be marked by capturing candidate photo along with Geo-locations.

OMR sheet results

Process the OMR sheets and generate results. The individual candidate answer sheet can be scanned and uploaded.

IIT JEE / NEET exam formats

Online entrance exams practice like IIT JEE / NEET

Our Mobile App

SdmsExpress Mobile App gives you access to our Skill Development Assessments, Corporate Employee Assessments, Academic or any other Entrance Exams program with unique features specially designed for offline use.

User Interface

Provides high end user friendly interface which is easily used to perform assessments.

Offline / Online

Exams can be conducted even at remote areas seamlessly without any internet connection.

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Our Happy Clients

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