Advantages of Online Assessment

Advantages of Online Assessment

Author : Shiva Kaidala

In today’s trending world e-learning has been a part of learning for everyone where the complete course content is easily accessible to an individual anytime, anywhere. To make every individual accessible and easy Corporate Companies, Institutes, Schools and IT Companies are accessing their employees and individual online which helps the individual to access the assessment anytime, anywhere and will reduce the financial burden on the entities to conduct the assessment and check the skills of an individual with complete monitoring of assessments with advanced proctoring features.


 1) Avoiding Malpractice:   

Conducting online assessments wit advanced remote proctoring features such has questions and options randomization, Image Proctoring, Video Proctoring during the complete assessment will make the feasibility of malpractice by the candidates to zero.

 2) Accessibility:

Online exam will help the individuals to take exam online at their convenience place, time which helps them to be stress relief before starting any assessment and will enhance the examiner to assess the skills of an individual with an ease.


3) Compatibility: 

 The assessment engine or tool is designed in such a way that it is compatible with any device such has Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tab..etc,. which helps the individual to attend the exam on any device fro any remote location. The assessment engine will help the examiner to conduct the assessment both offline and online with the complete proctoring and ease to monitor the complete exam from anywhere, anytime.  


4) Digital Analysis and Reports: 

In detail analysis such has time based analysis, log report of the entire exam, Image based reports, Video based report, Practical Reports, GPS based reports, will help the examiner to analyse the individual at each and every level to understand his strength and weakness, where the individual had to focus and learn.


 5) Eco-Friendly: 

As the complete assessment is online there is no use of paper, pens and transport which is direct impact for the betterment of environment and reduction in the pollution.