Importance Of Assessment in Education System

Importance Of  Assessment in Education System

Author : Sandhya

Assessing a candidates on various parameters to understand and analyze how best they have understood the concept plays a key role for their future and for society. The best way of assessing a candidate is through online assessment, assessment is done in every field such has schools, companies, industries and all  to analyze the capabilities of an individual.

SDMSExpress is a best platform to evaluate the capabilities of individuals by conducting online assessment it helps an organization, industry to evaluate their employee and reward them, based on their performance. HR in an organization can conduct online assessment for appraisal of existing employees, evaluating of new staff after training and all.

Benefits of Online Assessment Software:

1.Digital and online evaluation is the best way to do with out criticizing or favoring an individual.

2.It is a easy way to conduct a large number of assessments in a single go.

3.API Integration with existing applications

4.Easily adaptable

5.Supports multiple platforms such has Computer, Mobile, Tab..etc

6.Supports both Offline and Online

7.Advanced proctoring features

8.GPS enabled proctoring and attendance system

9.Supports all languages its a multilingual application

10. Can conduct multiple assessments instantaneously from various locations and monitor them.

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